Saturday, March 21, 2009

The title

First post in my new blog is that I wanted to explain the title. It's my belief that who I am influences my MS. That's not to say it's my fault, but what I do has a huge effect on the course of the disease. Not just my actions, but all of my beliefs and attitudes. The trick is to find the ones with the most power and influences over my MS and change those. If I can do that, maybe I'll get better a little, or at least not get worse. But most importantly, if I've passed on to my children the weakness or propensity for MS that I have, then maybe if I change myself, they won't develop it. Or if they do, they'll have the tools to deal with it better than I have. So I do a lot of hard work on myself which will hopefully benefit my children.

I've mostly kept my work to myself and only shared it publicly a few times. I hope this blog can help me to express how I approach my MS and my hope is that it might help others. So I'll start writing and start the conversation.

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