Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mislabeling emtions

In reading Stumbling on Happiness, I found several ideas that I think are relevant to MS.

On page 63, he writes that mislabeling emotions is a very common and easy thing to do.

When I think back on my own experience, I spent many years lost in fear without even being aware that I was scared. It took a very perceptive person to point out to me that I was frightened before I could even begin to perceive it. When I first became aware of it, I didn't even feel scared, but instead I just felt a vibration in my guts and my body would shake.

It then took years to be able to actually feel scared and properly identify the emotion. Even now, I sometimes only know I'm scared because I see that I'm reacting poorly to things and realize that my fear must be taking control. I have to sit and meditate to be able to relax enough to feel the fear, which allows me to move beyond it.

I wonder if there are commonalities among people with MS and if we commonly mislabel the same emotions? This could help lead us to the patterns of thought that lead to the disease.

Has anyone noticed any patterns of mislabeled emotions in their own lives?

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